Zephilsco 1st Yearbook Reunion 2011

Zephilsco Logo
ZHS logo 1910
Yearbook Reunion Group Photo 01.29.11

Front row: Mrs. Tracey Snyder–Current Advisor, Sierra Bahr, Chelsey Barnett, Erica Kinsman,
Second row: Mrs. Ellen Palmer, Mrs. Betty Hall, Cheri Dukes Long, George Neukom Jr., Fred Gore, Betty Jo Turner Hyder, Margaret Nelson
  Cherry, Ann Smith Neukom
Third row: Ana Olascoaga, Caitlyn Ungerer, Sandy Bunner Bahr, Jan Hartwig Rodgers, Phyllis Jarrett Denney, Sandra Pricher, Nancy
  Millstead Reese
Fourth row: Kate Chapman, Ashley Zullo, Ivan Corbin, Tracey Farrell Mahon, Cathy Williams Schroeder, Kylie Bacon, Ian Sisk, Alyssa
  Mahon, Leanna Steve, Josh Barter
Fifth row: Hannah Ungerer, Aphline Wao, Chelsea Smith, Jon Vogt, Rachel Brown
Missing from photo but attended: Victoria Azadian, Kayla Davis, Danielle Hunter, Stacie Reese


The ZHS Yearbook Staff held its first reunion on Saturday, January 29, 2011 for around 50 past & present advisors, editors & staff in the schools commons area.

Mrs. Tracey Snyder, current ZHS Advisor, gave the welcome and introduced her current staff members. She shared with everyone about the hard work her team has been doing for the centennial 2010-11 Zephilsco to honor 100 years of education in Zephyrhills. Included is a special alumni section noting three major categories – pioneering families who graduated from ZHS with four or more generations, military alumni who has offered their information for past historical articles and retired faculty with thirty plus years of service. This information was collected from several local residents and may not be all inclusive due to space allowed.

Betty Jo (Turner) Hyder, Class of 1948 told of how the name Zephilsco came about. Explanation from a prior conversation with Betty Jo stated, during the school year of 1946, students were allowed to go home for lunch so she & girlfriend, Jayne Kerr, went to her house. After lunch, Mrs. Geraldine Kerr, Jayne's mother, took them back to school in her car so they would not be late. During the drive while talking about the contest to name the annual, Mrs. Kerr suggested the combination of city and county as name. At the time, Zephyrhills School was grades 1 through 12, so there was no Zephyrhills High School as such. Mrs. Kerr said that Jayne did not want to submit the name so she did. One day while sitting in the old school auditorium someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked how to pronounce it. She had no idea, never having said the name, just wrote it on the contest form. That person pronounced it Zephilsco and she agreed. The prize was $5.00! The name has remained the same ever since.

Bobby Booth was the Editor of the 1946 annual which was the first one since the 1935 Spotlight edition with Emil Reutimann, Sr. as Editor that was printed as a paper edition and the Class of 1946 had the contest for naming the annual.
The Class of 1947 did not publish an annual and Fred Gore, Class of 1948 was editor of the second Zephilsco. It was given free to the students as they raised the money to publish it. Perhaps, the last free annual!

Other stories were shared by previous staff members of what it was like to work on the Zephilsco Annual/Yearbook committee over the years including how they picked the cover designs. Some real creative ideas were shown including the 1977 yearbook which displayed a crowd of students on the front & back. Ivan Corbin, Editor explained the technique by having the photographer positioned on roof of the schools entry way and the school doing a fire drill to bring all the students out front. As they were heading back into the school the picture was taken without their knowledge to get a wide view.

A light dinner was served & a commemorative tshirt was given to all.

Click on the link below to see pictures of the reunion event…


A Walk Down Memory Lane

Below is historical information about the Zephilsco over the years…

1935 Below from Spotlight Annual 05/24/35
Dedicated to - Unknown
Advisors – Professor Lewis Rowland, Principal; Mrs. Fred Gill and Miss Lilla B. Taylor
Staff – Vera Cook, Mary Emery, Lina Felts, Rebecca Magness, Grace Mott, Sarah Parsons, Donald Plank, Emil Reutimann , Marguerite Reutimann, Eva West, S. A. Clardy, Ernest Linkey, Laura Rogers, Minnie Slater, Norma Stone, Jack Parsons and Harmon Pollock, Leslie Chilson, Richard Gaskin and Fred Wheeler, Ruth McCoy, Laura Rogers, R. Seaburg, Frances Vogel, Robert Seaberg

No annuals made from 1936-1945

Dedicated to – Principal Paul B.L. Mitchell, M.A.
Advisor – Unknown
Staff - Bobby Both, Helen England, Laray Mott Maples, Nita Lindsey, Lois Ann Martinson, Buddy Nickerson, Ruth Kersey, Hazel Boatwright, Mary Lois McDowell, Rubye Lott, Ralph Mott, Madeline Lowe


Dedicated to – Principal Leon R. Luckenbach
Advisor – Unknown
Staff – Freddie Lee Gore, Fred LeHeup, Norma Gregory, Joan Steve

Dedicated to – Mr. O. L. Parker
Advisor – Unknown
Staff – Alton Tyre, Patricia Lee Thomson, Mary Louise Allen, William Tilley, Lovie Fay Bolden, Jerry Bodenburg, Herbert McGinnis, Mary Ellen Ellerbe, John S. Bryant, Betty Jean Thomas

Dedicated to – Mrs. Alice Atwater
Advisor – Unknown
Staff – “Jook” England, Jaynell LeHeup, Jean Lefler, Earl Wells, Shirley Miles, Nancy Skinner, Ronald Bright

Dedicated to – Coach Johnny Clements
Advisor – Unknown
Staff - Nelda Rae Cook, Barbara Sabin, Mary Ann “Darty” Vestal, Jack Lamb, Helene Rexroad, Donald Welsch, Cynthia Hinsz, Rex “Wrecks” Gilbreath, Marilyn McClellan, Joyce Baker, Martha Mae Keller, Bill Stallings

Dedicated to – Coach John Clements, Assistant Coach Dave Boatwright, Captain “Hap” Cherry and of all the 1952 Tri-Champions of the West Coast Conference football team
Advisor – Unknown
Staff - Bill McIntosh, Barbara Smith, Joan Johnson, J. D. Locke, Anne Hosmer, Margie Wilkinson, “Skip” Riley, Jeanne McGavern, Jimmy Kerr, Pat Edwards, Robert Fullwood

Dedicated to – Parents of the Class of 1953
Advisor – Coach John Clements
Staff – John Braden, Margaret Hill, Lyndall Wheeler, Merlene Nelson, Joan Myers, Tobey Smith, Gerald Miller, Wanda Riley, Shirley Lanham, Raymond Geiger, David Vestal, Mary Lou Richards

Dedicated to – Mr. D. G. McPherson
Advisor – Coach John Clements
Staff – Joan Lefler, Dick Braden, Helen Wells, Phyllis Geiger, Floyd Cherry, Patsy Ryals, Bill Turner, Bobby Hormuth, Patsy Kline, Norman Pricher, Tommy Bright, Dale Vought, N. Howell, Beulah Arnold, Anna Greene, Patsy Kline

Dedicated to – Parents of the Class of 1955
Advisor – Mr. J. Marion Brantley
Staff – Harold Daniels, Ruth Aldacosta, Shirley Dixon, Louise Thompson, Sylvia Hill, Ernest Peeples, Johnny Parttridg, Gene Lair, Bunnie Sue Sibley, Irvin Wheeler, Craig Miller, Arneta Howard, Nancy Ely, Lavinia Laviano, Billie Jane K’Lapp, Shirley Porter
*First year of voting for yearbook royalty
Zephilsco King Irvin Wheeler and Queen Shirley Potter judged by Al Riley of A. Van Dyke Studio, Tampa, FL

Dedicated to – Principal Charles A. Henderson
Advisor – Mr. J. Marion Brantley
Staff – Ellen Heath, James H. Jones, Carol Sibley, Janet Freed, Nell Locke, Roger Lane, James Jarrett, Donald Whitworth, Sarah Peck, Margaret Seppanen, Edith Austin, Yvonne Cooper, Natescha Betterman, Kay Crawford, Nancy Lee, Gail Smith, Charles Whittington, Connie Dayton, Carol Hughes
Zephilsco King Lamarr Massey and Queen Sarah Peck judged by Howell McGraw of Bowles Studio and Camera Shop, Moultrie, GA

Dedicated to – Coach Johnny Clements
Advisor – Mr. J. Marion Brantley
Staff – LeNore Lincoln, Odell Dees, Virginia Edgeman, Barbara Streeter, Charlotte Collins, Margaret Keen, Jackie Massey, Elizabeth Custhall, Glenn Miller, Larry Hill, Frances Reagan, Barbara Welsch, James Kearse, Susanne Coolidge, Peggy Prowant, Mary Frances Gill, Ada Austin, Lynn Steve, Gerald Price, Norma Jean Baker
Zephilsco King Paul Canaday and Queen LeNore Lincoln judged by C. Leroy Little, Jr.

Dedicated to Mr. Stewart M. Brown, Principal and Mr. Stan Kendrick
Advisor – Mr. J. Marion Brantley
Staff – Ann Brooke Smith, Donna Clark, Martha Brown, Clara Mae Adams, Mary Frances Turner, Gloria Lewis, Julianne Baggett, Margaret Nelson, Steve Huber, Felton Howard, Mildred Smith, Darlene Wilson, Ruth King, Ruth King, Gloria Lewis, Kay Anderson Smith, Richard Whitaker, Charles Bloom, Edwina Jones, Ruth King, Tawana Campbell
Zephilsco King Felton Howard and Queen Margaret Nelson judged by Mr. Howell McGraw, owner of Bowles Studio and Camera Shop, Moultrie, GA

Dedicated to – Mrs. Katharine Swing and Mrs. Childers
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Margie Braden, Benny Smith, Lorelei Lincoln, Louise Leopold, Carmen Yebba, Donald Edwards, Dot Hudson, Benny Brooks, Rae Foster, Gayle Garrison
Zephilsco King Benny Smith and Queen Delliah Johnson judged by Richard D. Pope, President and Creator of Florida Cypress Gardens

Dedicated to Mrs. Alpha Gill
Advisors – Mrs. Katharine Swing and Mrs. Betty Hall
Staff – Louise Leopold, Ray Foster, Dedi Anderson, Bonnie Reed, Linda Freeburg, Elaine McKendree, Donna Campbell, Lynn Nichols, Judy Oliver, J. W. Wells, Larry Benjamin, Sandra Pricher, Elizabeth Witt
Zephilsco King J. W. Wells and Queen Patty Sante judge unknown

Dedicated to Mrs. Betty Hall and Mr. John T. V. Clark
Advisors – Mrs. Katharine Swing and Mrs. Betty Hall
Staff – Alice Wintersteen, Elizabeth Witt, Sandra Pricher, Sharon Wolancevich, Arthur McKendree, Richard Miles, Donnie Stokes, Wayne Turner, Janet Fisher, Shirley Temples, Randy Lane, Margaret Johnson, Alice Faye Bembry, Mary Alice Gill, Carolyn Maddux, Richard Adams, Merrily Baggett, Delores Jones, Billy McGavern
Zephilsco King Richard Miles and Queen Mary Alice Gill judged by Garry Moore of The Garry Moore Show, New York, NY

Dedicated to Mr. Ronald Jeffries and Mr. Ernest Kretschmar
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing and Mrs. Betty Hall
Staff – Barbara Tidd, Susan Gill, Norman Weaver, Judy Surratt, Gilbert Miller, Judy Goulding, Jere Alston, Howard Kersey, Kaye Henry, Bob Winters, Larry Turner, Barbara Thompson, Patty Kirkland, Oleta Price, Bill McGavern, Harry Thain, X. L. Garrison, Kenny Bloom, Bob Johnson, Louie Holt, Linda Hayden
Zephilsco King Clyde Bracknell and Queen Deloris Braxton judged by Henry Morgan of I’ve Got A Secret Show, West Hollywood, CA

Dedicated to Mrs. Constance Kaylor and Mrs. Marjorie Parantha
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing and Mrs. Betty Hall
Staff – Bobbie June Chambless, Howard Kersey, Susan Nichols, Glenda Temple, Kaye Henry, Ray Bolt, Mike McGinnis, Fletcher Padgett, Jere Alston, Pat Jackson, Patty Kirkland, Leslie Smith, David Kaylor, Bob Winters, Chere Crosby, Sue Flynn, John Wintersteen, Gloria Pope, Bob Thompson, Kathy Desmond, Lillian Johnson, Gloria Kinnard, Ruth Ann Franz, Shirley Jarrett, Tom Simmard
Zephilsco King Bob Johnson and Queen Bonnie Rannald judge unknown

Dedicated to Mr. John Geiger
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Howard Kersey, Kaye Henry, Jere Alston, Sunnye Lanham, Gertrude Braxton, Nancy Overhuls, Mike McGinnis, Ray Bolt, John Wintersteen, Leslie Smith, Gloria Pope, Barbara Muse, Barbara Thompson, Linda Hayden, Linda Sante, Janice McGuffy, Gloria Kinnard, Helen Chenkin, David Kaylor, Bob Winters, Tom Simard
Zephilsco King John Wintersteen and Queen Cletia Weaver judged by Red Skelton

Dedicated to Mr. Earl Reitz
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Kaye Henry, Barbara Thompson, Charlene Breckenridge, Charlene Collier, Joe Maniscalco, Ronnie Carroll, Tom Porter, Bob Winters, Russell Kirk, Eloise Hall, Hope Wintersteen, Larry Turner, Linda Hayden, Helen Chenkin, Linda Sante, Gloria Kinnard, Helen Chenkin, Tom Taylor, Laurel Reitz,
Zephilsco King Reggie Brown and Queen Sandy Kirkland judged by Miss Jean Morris, WFLA – The Tribune Station

Dedicated to Raymond B. Stewart
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Laurel Reitz, Barry Munday, Russ Miller, Gloria Guerin, Linda Wilson, Ken Reitz, Doug Gall, Jerry Pricher, Bob Nichols, Gloria Rose, Eloise Hall, Brant Blessing, Steve McGinnis, Mary Fish, Gloria Kinnard, Hope Wintersteen, Sandra Clark, Patty Forbes
Zephilsco King Bill Lyons and Queen Myra Bialik judged by Richard Chamberlain, Beverly Hills, CA

Dedicated to Mr. William Kustes
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Linda Wilson, Eloise Hall, Marcia Deming, Alice Back, Gloria Rose, Nancy Bentley, Ken Reitz, Steve McGinnis, Jerry Pricher, Dianne King, Suzanne Winters, Patty Forbes, Terry Alston, Ray Hodges, Bob Nichols, Doug Gall, Betty Muse, Sandy Simons, Dan Taylor, Donna Merrill, Dianne King
Zephilsco King Jim Jefferson and Queen Joan Thompson judged by Johnny Carson of the Johnny Carson Show now know as the Tonight Show

Dedicated to Mrs. Edith Ward
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Eloise Hall, Donna Merrill, Susanne Douglas, Rene Geddes, Jerry Pricher, Doug Gall, Lonnie Hughes, Wayne Westmark, Wally Reeves, Greg Atkinson, Gloria Rose, Sharon Jefferson, Craig Palmer, Donna Bales, Andre Neczwid, Judith Sharp, Lynn Murphy, Linda Duckett, Betty Muse
Zephilsco King Riki McGinnis and Queen Michele Burke judged by Steve Spurrier, University of Florida graduate, 1967 Heisman trophy winner and quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers

Dedicated to Mr. Victor Smith
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Donna Merrill, Patty Hayden, Craig Palmer, Valerie Smith, Melanie Massey, Jerry Pricher, Cheryl Trogdon, Sue Thompson, Doug Prowant, Rodney Price, Susanne Douglas, Barbara Rooks, Lynn Murphy, Debbie Hambright, Jim Burns, Joe Ahrens, Joy Reutimann, Barbara Walker, Joann Breckenridge
Zephilsco King Johnny Braxton and Queen Donna Merrill judged by Jackie Gleason of the Jackie Gleason Show, New York, NY
Dedicated to Miss Marion Ditter
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff –Patty Hayden, Julie Phipps, Bob Simons, Lynn Murphy, Cliff Brown, Jim Simons, Debbie Hambright, Steve Reagan, Herbert Ferrell, Lynda Stewart, Linda Mullis, Bob Dodd, Cheri Dukes
Zephilsco King Cliff Brown and Queen Pat Artabasy judged by John Wayne of Hollywood, CA

Dedicated to Mr. William Alexander and Mr. Melvin Dennard
Advisor – Mrs. Katharine Swing
Staff – Lynda Stewart, John Coverston, Joni Palmer, Mabel English, Cathy Ramsey, Larry McDonald, Rick Regan, Mabel English, Cathy Ramsey, Gail Hambright, Joni Palmer, Bill Shannon, Rick Regan, Joan Kossik, Jim Coston, Steve Reagan, Gail Hambright, Patti Barlow, Bill Shannon, Rick Moore, Jeff Brown
Zephilsco King Larry McDonald and Queen Suzanne Arnot judged by Miss Linda Donovan, Miss Florida 1971

Dedicated to Coach Robert Alwood
Advisor – Miss Sharon Tullis
Staff – Joni Palmer, Mike Cox, Darrell (Flash) Fiske, Jan Hartwig, Melanie Sanders, Barry Fiske, Melissa Johnson, Phyllis Jarrett, Lynne Strickland, D. D. Toole
Zephilsco King Benji Cook and Queen Martha Padgett judged by Mickey Mouse of Walt Disney World Co in Orlando, FL

Dedicated to Mrs. Judy Calvert
Advisor – Mr. Scott Johnson
Staff – Lynne Strickland, Phyllis Jarrett, Rita Mizell, Darrell Fiske, Mark Coyne, Scooter Nance, Robert Hughes, Dan Denney, Debbie Nelson, Gerald Eysaman, Renee Menhennett, Jeff Travis, Johnny Meengs, John Vincent, Jan Jordan, Diane Robinson
*Last year of voting for yearbook royalty
Zephilsco King Jay Linville and Queen Essalene Buckins judged by rock group “Chicago”

Dedicated to Mrs. Terry Turner
Advisor – Mr. Scott Johnson
Staff – Gerald Eysaman, Jeff Travis, Debbie Nelson, Brenda Kendrick, Tonda Galyan, Daniel Richwine, Penny Stover, Cheri Wynne, Sheryl Shoop, Susan Sunka, Dale Maggard, Connie Schmitz, John Vincent, Sue Williams, Nancy Wise, Lorraine Gartland, Larry Green, Gary McCullough, Anne Rickard, Diane Robinson, Carolyn Porter, Brian Roman, Jay Mattison, Walter Poplick, Betty Jean Coyne, Shelia Meyer, Madeline Ptak, Vickie Wells, Cyndi Craig, David Comer, Arlene Hennessey, Nancy Deem

Dedicated to Mrs. Connie Brown
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Randy Bahr, Cyndi Craig, Tonda Galyan, Sherrie Merril, Greg Fiske, Bill Ramsey, Patsy Arnold, Karen Scharleau, Barbara Dockery, Scott Massey, Mel Williams, Nancy Wise, Connie Schmitz, Mary Johnson, Debbie Carter, Kathy Ziegler, Jeannie Vespie, David Comer, Anne Squirini

Dedicated to Mr. James Bailey
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Cyndi Craig, Jeff Lewis, Janet Samples
Photographers – Andra Douglas and Greg Fiske
Annual Staff – Laura Daffer, Beatty Cunningham, Christi Spoto, Carla Burkam, Barb Zobrist, Yvonne Bryant, Gala Jewell
Assistants – Charles Back, Lindsey Crosby, Martha Nix, Kathy Ziegler, Jean Williams, Sterling Smith, Brenda Barnard, Ray McLellan, Judy and Bob Engle

Dedicated to the students of Zephyrhills High School
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – JoAnn Hyder, Laura Daffer, Wendy Flannery, Glen Howard, Ann Furney, Gail Williams, Tami Delafield, Amie Massey, Valerie Tipper, Ivan Corbin, Jeff Strout, Sandy Straughn, Linda Greene, Jeff DeWitt, Colbert Marshall, Rod Thompson, Luan Gore, Marcia Cox, Melodie Shive, Tina Moore, Beatty Cunningham, Andra Douglas, Bruce Clark, Jeff Strout, Jeff DeWitt, Ivan Corbin, Glen Howard

Dedicated to C. Paul Steuart
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Jeff Strout, Myra Smith, Arlene Camper, Patricia Barrentine, Myra Smith, Beth Crandall, Teresa Cicanese, Allison Camper, Alan Corbin, Don Deaton, Patricia Barrentine, Mike Barclay, Alan Corbin, Myra Smith, Jennifer Wilson, Dwayne Lane, Angie Baker, Julie Stansbury, Michelle Hale, Mike Barclay, Luan Stinard, Cyndee Thomas, Suzanne Greene, Kathy Johnson, Paul White, Don Deaton, Michelle Hale, Ronnie Peel

Dedicated to Mrs. Mary Truscott
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Janet Pruitt, Alan Corbin, Allison Camper, Sue Carrigan, Janet Pruitt, Alan Corbin, Allison Camper, Teresa Cicanese, Shane Forrester, Suzanne Greene, Jennifer Green, Mary Hossler, Allison Camper, Cindy Newman, Cyndee Thomas, Janet Pruitt, Ronda Ferguson, Nancy Duffield, Kim Heim, Amy Whitman, Janet Pruitt, Shane Forrester, Sue Carrigan, Ronnie Peel, Sue Carrigan, Paul White, Steve Spanger

Dedicated to Mr. Stanley B. Kendrick
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Ronda Ferguson, Gayle Roman, Karen Howell, Kim Thornbury, Sandy Border, Susan Moskowitz, Kim Dymarcik Roth, Mary Hossler, Kathy Williams, Nancy Millstead, Joe Chandler, Tim Wilson, Lee Harris, Janice Blanchard, Michelle Zeigler, Jennifer Green, Charlotte Hidle

Dedicated to Mr. J. C. Steele
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Amy Kuusisto, Sandy Border, Tammy Wolfe, Sue Wallis, Tom Nicely, Stan Stinson, Carolyn Regan, Felice Armstrong, Barbara Griffith, Laurie Proctor, Ginger Jackson, Frank Demmers, Mary Fauth, Lisa Glosson, Jeff Decker, Cheryl Flack, King Lisk, Randy Hill, Myron Seidel, Eric Kovak

Dedicated to Mrs. Jessie Puggelli
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Sandy Border, Tracy Farrell, Alex Thompson, Jeff Decker, Dawn Schraufnagel, Kim Klaus, Chuck Brant, Michele McCann, Kathi Spradin, Robyn Christensen, Susan Alexander, Billy Ashbaugh, Mary Fauth, Bill Rowell, LaWanda Wilson, Mark Peeples, Angie Helm, Sandra Simmons, Scott Natali

Dedicated to Mr. Don Woods
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Susan Alexander, Mary Kuusisto, Kelly Reagan, Sheila Stapp, Chris Kieper, Wendy Garrels, Cheryl Fleming, Merri Allen, Denise Mucha, Dana Wooten, Lyn Thompson, Janet Osburn, Lori LeBlanc, Mary Fauth, Mark Peeples, Tony Crall, Artie Phelps, Brenda Heim, Mary Beck, Teresa Geiger

Dedicated to Mrs. Betty C. Hall
Advisor – Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Staff – Chris Kieper, Wendy Garrels, Shannon Bell, Julie Childers, Denise Davis, Charlene Diekfus, Amy Glosson, Kim Irizarry, Lori LeBlanc, Kim Lippman, Kim Nelson, Lori Nunes, Vonda Peeples, Jimi Reid, Brad Skwirsk, Kim Smith, Theresa Straube, Suzanne Vansco, Dana Wooten, Chris Williams

Dedicated to Mrs. Diane Nelson
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Lisa Cunningham, Jill Finnerty, Brian Crosby, Alicia Piwowar, Elaine Perricone, Lori Wheeler, Annette Pagan, Susan Reid, Leighann Hayward, Stacy Martin, Nancy Russell, Missy Garrett, Shannon Bell, Mindy Saxon, Sandy Bunner, Bruce Lovins, Phil Tritola, Melanie Peryea, Jamie Baker, Kim Irizarry

Dedicated to Mrs. Deborah Gillars
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Jacquie Cao, Stacey Hartley, Missy Mikolajczak, Dina Rowland, Matt Turner, Angel Vendl, Amy Williams, Scott Winters, Sandy Bunner, Brian Crosby, Jill Finnerty, Missy Garrett, Bruce Lovins, Stacy Martin, Melanie Peryea, Alicia Piwowar, Susan Reid, Nancy Russell, Mindy Saxon

Dedicated to Mr. Mike Kaylor
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Angel Vendl, Amy Williams, Stacey Hartley, Bridgette Scarbrough, Missy Mikolajczak, Chelle Gregory, Lisa Foster, Christie Spurlock, Tomala Collins, Jenny Sibley, Vicky Lewis, Cindy Geiger, Steve O’Neil, Matt Turner, Chris Cerney, Wendy Hierlihy, Colleen Ogilbee, Dina Rowland, Chris Baker, Scott Winters, Bobby Weeks, Erik Pickard

Dedicated to Mrs. Camille Reynolds
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Cindy Geiger, Alison Sibley, Bridgette Scarbrough, Brad Bishop, Lisa Foster, Amiee Chancey, Julie Smith, Tomala Collins, Allisen Klouda, Christie Spurlock, Mary Lynn Tarr, Sheryl Lovins, Vicky Lewis, Tricia Timmons, Robin Brendle, Annette Sessoms, Erik Pickard, Brian Reynolds, Angela Krueger, Bobby Weeks

Dedicated to Mr. Dale Palmer
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Tricia Timmons, Tommy Gregory, Heather Grassie, Jennifer Lallathin, Amy Johnson, Samantha Butterfield, Rakhee Patel, Shannon Jennings, Christa Moore, Christopher Harmon, Christopher Roys, Julie Smith, Raedene Counts, Alison Sibley, Tracy Foster, Kristen Lacey, Allisen Klouda, Robin Brendle, Rick Saylor, Angela Krueger, Jesi Vilminot

Dedicated to Mrs. Ellie Grudzinski
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Paula Lallathin, Shannon Jennings, Jenny Lallathin, Heather Grassie, Stacia Familo, Lisa Ezick, Beth Ables, Heidi Grimes, Christa Moore, Barbara Guynn, Tommy Gregory, Scott Hicks, Tony Broeders, Tom Kraszka, Raedene Counts, Derek Harmeson, Amy Johnson, Doug Kraska, Carin Hilferding, Rick Saylor, Samantha Butterfield, Rakhee Patel.

Dedicated to Mrs. Cathy Gaffney
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff - Emily Curington, Heidi Grimes, Beth Ables, Holly Timmons, Heidi Uterhardt, Angela Kennedy, Laura Pond, Desiree Martin, Paula Lallathin, Shannon Lacey, Lisa Ezick, Jennifer Healey, Michele Staples, Jennifer Surratt, Staci Reeves, Casey McClellan, Charles Toner, Chris Tilley, Shane French, Barbara Guynn, Travis Fitzgerald
Dedicated to Mr. John Stephenson and Mrs. Lisa Stephenson
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff - Jessica Sell, Kristin Ezick, Heather Thomas, Emily Curington, Jennifer Surratt, Desiree Martin, Shannon Lacey, Angela Kennedy, Staci Reeves, Laura Pond, Heidi Uterhardt, Alicia Wolfe, Ric Kaina, Steve Brown, Deanna Roper, Erin O'Neil, Julie Jackson, Jed Harbach, Nancy Roberts, Lisa Webb, Jackie Brown

Dedicated to Ms. Idel Lane
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Kenny Kuniyuki, Emily Henson, Sabrina Haynes, Jessica Sell, Sonu Bedi, Yuki Kuniyuki, Alicia Wolfe, Kristin Ezick, Kim Goodwin, Jennifer Wooten, Melinda Hughes, David Husted, Monu Bedi, John Smith, Erin O’Neil, Jill Lillibridge, Dan Husted, Gloria Van Dusen, Jamie Karp, Deanna Roper, Julie Jackson, Audrey Hudacek, Ric Kaina, Jackie Brown, Eric Hallberg, Arthur Carlson

Dedicated to Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Danielle Campbell, Janel Antolak, Shelly Brownsberger, LeeAnn Roman, Jackie Brown, Cyndi Ekiss, Jamie Karp, Melinda Hughes, Carrie Steele, Deborah Thompson, Tracy Steele, Steve McKelvey, Sara Dykins, Maria Holmes, Janet Mitchell, Ricky Kaina, Julie Jackson, Lisa Webb, Audrey Hudacek

Dedicated to Mr. James Bailey
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Samantha Murrell, Carla Crist, Jennifer Reynolds, Lindsey White, Misty Bird, Deborah Thompson, Sara Dykins, Devon Watts, Pina Patel, Teri Butterfield, Amy Parker, Shelly Brownsberger, Lee Ann Roman, Danielle Campbell, Janel Antolak, Kerri Mason, Robyn Bishop, Jennifer Richards, Stacey Hamblett, Scott Cherry, Tracy Steele, Steven McKelvey, Tommy Hutchinson




Dedicated to Mr. Rick Saylor
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Amy Palmer, Lindsie McDonald, Loraine Clausnitzer, Michelle Griffin, Laurie Palladino, Karen Cornelius, Misty Campbell, Megan Rogers, Jenna Baum, Catherine Sinclair, JoAnn Fiscus, Melanie Yates, Erin Brown, Nick Linville, Christi Miller, Andrea Wardell, Michael Pittman, Sara Morphew, Scott Duran, Rob Alderman

Dedicated to Mr. Ernie Pittman
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Sara Morphew, Mike Pittman, Jessica Schroeder, Pamela Moses, Jo Ann Fiscus, Jennifer Craven, Matt McLaughlin, Erin Brown, Heather Fritz, Sara Morphew, McKensi Milburn, Colleen Gilbertson, Megan Rogers, Eliza Passardi, Rob Alderman, Brian Milligan, Tyson Prickett, Michael Pittman, Andrea Wardell, Jessica Steve, Dan Ochler

Dedicated to Mr. Perry Vincent
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Jennifer Craven, Brain Milligan, Tyson Prickett, Eric Cortright, Dana Guest, Dan Oehler, Shenna Rosensweig, Meghan Perkins, Marie Risalvato, Heather Stanley, Rachel Gregory, Mia Billetdeaux, David Langley, Hailey Bess, Tony Caputa, Eliza Passardi, Chris Black

Dedicated to Mrs. Kim Davis
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Shenna Rosensweig, Terri-Ann Gutierrez, Johnny Douglas, Brianne Davis, Monica Bearry, Ashley Parsons, Alfio Carroccetto, Kristin Damron, Erin Smalley, Aaron Young, Stephanie Speer, Casey Dixon, Mark Dunn, Angela Wice, Nicole Barney, Jill Wiggins, Rachel O’Connor, Melissa Fike, Sarah Winter, Ashley Harrelson

Dedicated to Mr. Ron Cherry and Mrs. Shirley Cherry
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Jason Herndon, Jillian Wiggins, Ryan Young, Melissa Zandy, Greg Lail, Joanna Selvaggio, Morgan Brooks, J. J. Jivan, Tyler Ruchti, Rachel O’Connor, Eric Bahr, Ashley Harrelson, Xander Boyle, Danielle Barringer, Steffanie Crosier, Whitney Richter, Brooke Tindale


Dedicated to Mrs. Judy Williams
Advisor – Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Staff – Christine Britt, Amber Kuhns, Ashley Mayle, Carlie Cann, Megan Patterson, Vivian Seekins, Jessica Partain, Hannah Kellam, Danielle Black, Nicole Johnson, Chelsea Linville, Alena Loder, Ann Marie Gildemeyer, Alisha Peddle, Kristin Donahue, Spencer Border, Renee Lail, Claudine Boniec, Christen Buckler, Heather Leavitt

Dedicated to Mrs. Ellen Palmer
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Devin Brooks, Katie Boyle, Christine Mercado, Josalynn Wireman, LaShea Sones, Erica LaChance, Rachel Petrie, Christy Fairbrother, Mike Rollins, Stacy DeLeon, Kylie Bacon, Melissa Dozier, Kim Hapeman, Katy Ory, Megan Greene, Zeke Kinsman, Tonya Carnes, Travis Geyer, Alyssa Mahon, Megan Patterson, April Avila

Dedicated to Mr. Dale Palmer
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Christine Mercado, Katie Boyle, Chelsea Frost, Kylie Bacon, Kim Tuk, Becca Reeves, Melissa Dozier, Megan Greene, Daniel Kolaric, Lacey Frazier, La’Shae Sones, Rachel Petrie, Erica LaChance, Amada Gibbs, Zeke Kinsman, Randy Groves, Travis Geyer, Alyssa Mahon, Hilary Buckler, Kristina Nolan

Dedicated to Mr. Dave Jones
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Courtney Ray, Caitlyn Ungerer, Leanna Steve, Ana Olascoaga, Ashley Zullo, Becca Reeves, Kristine Crowe, Myranda Vanderlyke, Miranda Burns, Ian Sisk, Merdiatra Lewis, Amanda Shanks, Rachel Brown, Jonny Vogt, Josh Barter, Devin Rogers

Dedicated to Mr. Mark Steve
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Ashley Zullo, Courtney Ray, Caitlyn Ungerer, Joshua Barter, Amanda Shanks, Najah Mehrab, Ana Olascoaga, Erica Kinsman, Matthew Dinning, Merdiatra Lewis, Michelle Heyer, Rachel Brown, Becka Crist, Sierra Bahr, Betha Hennessy, Jonathan Vogt, Mazuli Sassaman, Chelsea Smith

Dedicated to Mr. James Riis
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Erica Kinsman, Jon Vogt, Amber Burns, Michelle Heyer, Matt Dinning, Hannah Ungerer, Cammi Savage, Chellsey Barnett, Rachel Brown, Sierra Bahr, Sarah Baniszewski, Victoria Azadian, Chelsea Smith, Ashlee Carver-Weatherspoon, Lindsey Knowlton

Dedicated to Mrs. Caroline Marlette – Retired Teacher
Advisor – Mrs. Tracey Snyder
Staff – Mariah Viera, Aphline Wao, Chellsey Barnett, Jon Vogt, Sierra Bahr, Eric Kinsman, Rachel Brown, Lindsey Knowlton, Angela Hernandez, Martha Montes, Cliff Tucker, Katie Chapman, Kayla Davis, Danielle Hunter, Hannah Ungerer, Cierra Eson, Stacie Reese